Uazu Glide and Aftercare is made out of a proprietary formula that is 100% vegan, organic, gluten-free, and we only use ethically sourced ingredients. Some of the ingredients that you will find include: cupuacu butter, sacha inchi extract, jojoba oil, and other all-natural ingredients that have regenerative properties for the skin.

There are several ways to obtain Uazu Skincare products, first and foremost, we have an online store through Shopify. Also there are links in all of our social media platforms where you can be directed to our Shopify site. Another option is to go to one of our authorized distributors...we will be adding those links as our new partners come onboard. Finally, check with your local tattoo shop. If your tattoo shop does not carry Uazu products, then ask them to.

Uazu’s Glide and Aftercare has been specifically designed for use during tattooing and as a tattoo aftercare balm. For best results, it can be used during the application of the tattoo as a balm to help lower the irritation of the skin and to keep it hydrated. Follow instructions from your professional Tattoo Artist regarding aftercare. Apply a thin layer to your skin during the healing process, after washing with antibacterial foam soap 3 to 4 times daily. Apply to skin daily for moisturizing thereafter to keep your Tattoo vibrant for years to come.

Contacting us at Uazu Skincare is easy, you can do it by calling us at (949) 614-2252.

You can also reach us via all our social media platforms, email, or directly through our website.

We at Uazu want to guarantee a 100% satisfaction for all of our products, so if you’re unsatisfied with any of our products please contact us directly and we will do our best to solve the issue at hand.

For any questions or requests concerning any orders or delivery times, please contact our Customer Care Team via the links on our website.

Uazu has a sister organization called Emplaura. The goal of Emplaura is to provide employment opportunities to people who need it the most, the marginalized people of this country. We strive to provide the best products for everyone, and are proud to create a line of products that has been ethically sourced but we are more proud of you!, because with every purchase you are allowing us to change lives. So we pledge to donate a portion of each purchase to our nonprofit Emplaura.

The easiest way to donate to Emplaura is by navigating to the Empluara page on our website, it will directly link you to the donation page. Another way is to simply purchase our products. With each purchase you are helping people change their lives for the better.