As a wife to a tattoo artist I can definitely say this stuff is AMAZING for tattoos. New and old. Even more impress on the benefits my sons eczema has had by using Skin Shaman, I have been able to cut out all steroid creams his skin is looking amazing. He is literally allergic to everything but this product has done nothing but improve his skin.


So Hydrating

Recommended by a friend who found this through her tattoo shop. I have a lot of sun damage to my face and my skin is sensitive to any chemicals. I break out super easily. The ingredient list on this stuff is clean. Super, super clean. My skin loves it. And it smells delish. I've got a tin in my house, bag, car, and locker at work and have sold all of my nurse friends on it to use on our overwashed and overworked hands. Love only needing one product for so many uses.


Heavenly Balm

I’ve been searching for a product that is raw, organic and with clean ingredients. In the skin care world, this has been a challenge. Until now..at last, here it is! This balm is super smooth and fast absorbing. My tattoos have new life, as does the skin around them. Uazu tattoo balm has gone above and beyond. Not only does this product bring your life back into your tattoos and your skin, with ingredients being clean and pure… the smell!!! The smell of this product you will use Multiple times a day, not because the product wears off, but because of how good it feels to apply to your skin and the smell is just like heaven. Deep rich vanilla with a coffee hint and a sweet tobacco to follow. Everybody wants to know what I’m wearing… And everybody wants to be wearing Uazu. Love this product! Thanks